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It’s an exciting time around the CBD farm near Pittsboro, when all the tending and caring pays off with a bountiful farm grown CBD cannabis harvest! 

We’ve got our first harvest round of the year drying in our barns, and soon we will cut and hang the rest of the flowers (I wish blogs were scratch and sniff – you should smell this barn!).  Proper drying and curing preserves the precious CBD, Delta 9 THC, Terpenes and all the other minor Cannabinoids that come together in this miraculous cannabis plant!

Soon these quality hemp plants will become ultra CBD gummies, our chill out CBD for dogs, calm balm CBD salve, full spectrum CBD lip balm, and more high quality CBD made in NC.

Farm Grown CBD

What’s harvesting farm grown CBD look like?

We don’t use machines to harvest like the big mechanized farms – we’re just a small CBD farm near Pittsboro – so you’re not getting a bunch of junk you may not want in your farm-grown CBD and THC hemp products

Yes, it takes more time, but we only want to harvest the best buds.  That’s how our first pass cannabinoid extractions are as potent as the others distilled oils; we don’t send a bunch of sub par bio mass that needs extra refining, so you get more whole flower goodness and high cannabinoid content without a bunch of extra lab processes.

Getting farm grown CBD harvested is just the first step…

…after we’ve hung the hemp cannabis flowers for a week in our climate controlled barns, we separate, by hand, the flowers from the stalks, and cure the flowers for a few months, until the cannabinoids and terpenes have matured and are ready for extraction and use in our hemp goodies.

Sure, you can find cheap CBD and Delta 9 THC products, but you won’t find any CBD as potent as ours – with our quality – at any price point. 

And I definitely dare you to find other hemp company owners out in the fields!

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