Ultra CBD Gummies: How much should I take?

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Starting with our ultra CBD gummies, combination THC and CBD gummies, and our CBD oils, it can be pretty confusing with all the numbers and definitions being thrown around, so let me clear some things up! 

CBD, Cannabidiol, is non psychoactive, and one of nature’s best anti-inflammatory substances. CBD by itself however, has been proven in scientific testing* to be not as effective as CBD combined with THC, specifically Delta 9 THC.  So we’re firm believers in our Full Spectrum CBD products

What’s Full Spectrum? 

‘Full spectrum’ just means that we use all of the wonderful cannabinoids and terpenes that our hemp cannabis produces and we extract, instead of putting it through more lab processes and leaving only the CBD.

What’s Delta 9 THC? 

Not to be confused with Delta 8 – which is lab created from CBD isolate products.

Delta 9 THC is the compound in the cannabis plant that produces the well known ‘high’ from cannabis.  Delta 9 THC by itself however is actually not very pleasant; higher doses of Delta 9 THC without other cannabinoids and terpenes can actually cause paranoia and anxiety, which of course we are trying to reduce!  It is remarkably effective at pain relief and reducing nausea, especially in our ultra cbd gummies and our less strong chill gummies.

When Delta 9 THC and Full Spectrum CBD combine, special things happen!

Turns out that neither CBD or THC work well in a vacuum, they really benefit from having being combined, and left with the other cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant (this is one of the reasons MARINOL, synthetic THC, was never as effective as the actual plant at reducing pain and nausea).

So then, how much should you take? 

I always say start small, you can always take more! 

A good starting CBD dose is 10 – 20 mg, which is:

What about our ultra CBD gummies?

Ultra CBD Gummies

Just for reference – this starting dosage is 1/6th or less of our Super High Potency Gummies or our Ultra Chill Gummies.

Delta 9 THC can produce different effects in different people, so again here I say start small! 

Our Super High Potency Gummies are 60mg Full Spectrum CBD and 4mg of Delta 9 THC.  These are great for daytime for folks who have tried them and know how they will effect them.  These contain enough CBD that you can take a half and still get good benefits.

If you’re looking for the strongest federally legal hemp product then look no further than our 16mg Delta 9 THC and 60mg CBD Ultra Chill Gummies.  These pack a punch to combat serious insomnia, pain and stress.  With 16mg of Delta 9 THC, these are stronger than what you can buy at a Colorado Cannabis Dispensary, but are federally legal and travel safe CBD gummies.  Plus the 60mg of Full Spectrum CBD to balance things out, I advise starting with a half gummy.  Some folks even take a 1/4 gummy and it does the trick for them!

You can find these super powerful CBD/Delta 9 gummies online here.

So there real key is, start small and see what works for you.  Even though there’s still not one single case of cannabinoid overdose death, we don’t advise taking too much, as above a certain point, you’ll just be asleep for a while anyway.

Any questions you can always reach me with any questions or ideas!



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