Rocky River Hemp Reviews

As a veteran founded CBD company, and a small, local business and farm, we cherish every review our customers offer. Thank you all for your kind words!

Chuck says:

Used during a time of bad anxiety. Nothing I tried I helped much til I found their tincture. Stuff worked wonders for me. Highly recommend.

Anthony says:

I use the Salve for my knees and shoulders. Over 22 years Jumping in the military helps ease the pain. Thanks Rocky River Hemp.

Corey says:

Amazing quality and fast shipping. Hands down the best CBD products available!

Marcia says:

Our dog is about 16 years old and has really bad arthritis. It was getting so bad that it would cut off the nerves to his back legs and they would give out from under him. At our vet’s recommendation we started him on CBD drops and it has made a world of difference. We use the liquid drops on his breakfast and dinner and he’s back to the active, happy boy we’ve known and loved!

Lisa says:

I have a mild strain in my rotator cuff. It’s really been bothering me lately. I used a generous amount of the salve and rubbed it in well. It really helps. My shoulder is feeling much better. The salve is also great for the dry skin on my hands from frequent washing. Thanks Rocky River Hemp!

James says:

Chill Gummies are great along with Sam’s great customer service. Rocky River Hemp is the place I’ll get my gummies at. Caught Covid and the Chill out Gummies alleviated my symptoms. GREAT TASTE AND FAST ACTING

Robert says:

The CBD cream works great in releaving my neck and lower back pain. Allowing me to get better sleep. I highly.recommend Rocky River Hemp’s website and service.. All the products I have tried have been exactly as advertised and delivery was fast.

Linda says:

My usual source stopped. I was without my CBD oil for almost 2 months. I starting feeling so much better after just 3 days. I’m glad to have found a good source right  nearby.

Jim says:

I have multiple food and drug allergies; so, it has been extremely challenging for me to find something I can safely take to help with inflammation from my osteoarthritis and pseudogout, that I’ve had for years. As of about ten months ago, I can no longer take nsaids, acetaminophen, and several prescriptions for inflammation and/pain. I was experiencing a great deal of pain and inflammation, especially in my fingers, hips and back.

I began taking around 1/3ml/day of the 1200mg per 30ml strength oil almost three months ago. Much to my pleasant surprise, I noticed a benefit in pain reduction (which I attribute to the anti-inflammatory effect of CBD) after the initial dose. Last year, I fractured my ring finger working on a tiller and was unable to get a ring past the joint in the middle of my finger for several months thereafter. I was surprised when a few weeks ago, I tried the ring on and it fits looser than it did before I fractured it almost a year ago now!

I am well pleased with the quality of this oil. The delivery was quite timely, as well.

Tom says:

I highly recommend Rocky River Hemp products. The oil and the salve have both provided relief for my lower back and knee pain. Also seems to have cured a trigger finger condition I suffered from for a couple of years.

Bob says:

Excellent products, fast fulfillment. The 1200 mg CBD MCT tincture is excellent quality, the best I have tried and I have tried many.