Our Story

Rocky River Hemp NC was started by a father and son team, Rick (my Dad) and Samuel (Me), who dreamed of using our corner of land in Chatham County, NC, as a way to support our family while connecting to the land.

Rick was semi-retired after a long career in business and serving as an officer in the US Army, and I yearned to move my young family back to our NC roots after a long stay on the west coast, so we decided to apply to the North Carolina Hemp Pilot Program in 2018, and we’ve been growing hemp ever since.

A Veteran Founded CBD Company based in North Carolina

The prices we were seeing in the CBD marketplace made regular use very expensive, and we decided to create our own line of organic hemp CBD products, made exclusively from our North Carolina grown hemp, and formulated by us on the farm, to sell direct to you at better prices – and much better quality hemp CBD – than you’d find at the grocery store or gas station.

At first, we shared them with family and friends, and they caught on quickly.

We experimented with different extraction techniques and formulations through 2019 and 2020 as we learned how to grow using organic, regenerative farming practices, and after several iterations, we had our first two products, our CBD MCT Oil Infusion, and our Relief Salve.

Growth and word of mouth

We started our website, and began to grow through word of mouth and by offering our CBD at local farmers markets. You may have seen our organic, locally grown CBD at farmer’s markets in Sanford, Pinehurst, Pittsboro, Raleigh and neighboring areas of North Carolina.

In the hopeful spring of 2021, we expanded our handmade product line beyond our original CBD pain relief salve, to include:

  • stress-relieving chill out dog treats
  • luxurious hemp infused body care
  • nourishing CBD healing salve for tattoos (which recently became our Unscented Salve)
  • Gummies of different strengths for different folks

Continuing Inspiration

If I was to tell someone the stories I have heard of how much our NC grown CBD helps, I would sound a little crazy.

We were blown away by how much full spectrum, hemp derived CBD products can help people to live their lives well even with their challenges.

This continues to inspire us to grow the best quality, clean hemp and offer our farm made products directly to you.