1200MG MCT Infusion

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Quick drops of our high-dose CBD oil infusions are ideal for fast acting relief.

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Our farm to you 1200MG Full Spectrum CBD MCT Oil is made exclusively from hemp we grow here, then lab refined and bottled by us.  May help with Pain, Anxiety and Insomnia among other ailments.  Don't be fooled by crazy high CBD content numbers on other companies CBD Isolate products, even though they may say 2000MG-3000MG CBD on them, an Israeli University study found that high doses of CBD Isolate stop increasing in their effect about a certain dose, while the Full Spectrum CBD effect kept increasing with dosage.  Our 1200MG packs a relaxing punch and is great for a little chill boost in your morning coffee or to help you sleep through the night with a higher dose.

Our 1200MG Full Spectrum CBD MCT Oil is packaged in a 30 ml dropper bottle, and a half dropper dose contains 50 mg CBD.  Here's a handy article if you're new to CBD about where to start with your dosing.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Full Spectrum CBD products are illegal in Idaho, South Dakota, and Mississippi. We cannot sell or ship Full Spectrum Hemp-derived CBD products in these three states at this time.

We’re a Veteran Owned CBD Company IN NC.

like our all of our products, this item is…

NC Grown Hemp / CBD

Grown, processed, and bottled CBD in Eastern NC.


Made by hand in small batches for quality control.


We farm with sustainable hemp farming practices.

Our products are NC-grown and NC tested CBD! View our test results and licenses here.

10 reviews for 1200MG MCT Infusion

  1. hallywally1 (verified owner)

    I have been using Rocky River for a 8 months on my 15-year-old pitbull who has bladder cancer, enlarged spleen and arthritis. Her anxiety is immediately calmed after a dose. My favorite thing is this is a local product and I love supporting local. Thank you Sam for Making a great product that helps my four-legged child thrive On a daily basis!

  2. William sullivan (verified owner)

    I have lung disease and have been on oxygen since i had covid an now i have found the oil i would try, i thought it couldn’t hurt. So i have been using this on a daily basis and found that my coughing slowly subsequently stopped and my breathing became better, my chest wasn’t tight anymore. My foggy brain from long haul covid cleared. I thought maybe it was a fluke yet I haven’t used oxygen in two months. I know my lung disease will not get better and this will not reverse my condition, it does make me feel better without the high, thanks

    • Sam

      Thank you for taking the time to share that William! We’re always so happy to hear how this plant can help so much!

  3. Thomas Cassetta

    I have dealt with tremors in my hands for as long as I can remember. My work requires me to work up close with others and they always ask if I’m ok if I don’t preemptively joke about it.

    I tried their 1200mg CBD MCT under my tongue every day for the last week, and the first feeling I have had is that it takes down the amplitude of my physical anxiety and the tremors have largely subsided. People close to me have commented that I seem more at ease and that my hands no longer tremble!

    This is a great introduction to Rocky River Hemp products. I’ve tried the lip balm and salve, as well. They each have a fantastic blend of mint and oils.

    • Sam

      It’s amazing what this plant can help with! I’m so glad it’s helping you Thomas, we will keep growing it!!!

  4. Corey Eshelman (verified owner)

    By far the best MCT infusion available. Great for reduction of stress and anxiety. The folks at Rocky River Hemp really take pride in their products and it shows!!

  5. Jim Shaw (verified owner)

    I have multiple food and drug allergies; so, it has been extremely challenging for me to find something I can safely take to help with inflammation from my osteoarthritis and pseudogout, that I’ve had for years. As of about ten months ago, I can no longer take nsaids, acetaminophen, and several prescriptions for inflammation and/pain. I was experiencing a great deal of pain and inflammation, especially in my fingers, hips and back.
    I began taking around 1/3ml/day of the 1200mg per 30ml strength oil almost three months ago. Much to my pleasant surprise, I noticed a benefit in pain reduction (which I attribute to the anti-inflammatory effect of CBD) after the initial dose. Last year, I fractured my ring finger working on a tiller and was unable to get a ring past the joint in the middle of my finger for several months thereafter. I was surprised when a few weeks ago, I tried the ring on and it fits looser than it did before I fractured it almost a year ago now! I am well pleased with the quality of this oil. The delivery was quite timely, as well.

  6. amanda1328m

    I absolutley LOVE this CBD. Maybe I connect so well to it because its local, but I find I am calm in the evenings when I take it, I feel really in tune with my body especially when exercising, and I sleep really well at night. It is so perfect, and the quality is amazing for the price. I even give some to my dog who can be very loud and anxious when people come over, and he is very calm. Thank you all at Rocky River Hemp!

    • Rick Brownfield

      Thanks, Amanda!

    • Samuel

      Thank YOU Amanda!!! We really appreciate that!!!!

  7. Dave (verified owner)

    This stuff is fantastic, I have issues with anxiety and staying asleep at night, this stuff allowed me to get off my anxiety meds and get some good quality sleep, it’s also great for any muscle and joint pains, couple drops and you feel like a new man!

    • Samuel

      Thank you Dave! Stoked it’s helping!!!

  8. Michele Reber

    I have been coping with severe chronic pain & insomnia for years, but I have always managed to live a very active life. In the past 12 months I had to have 2 major surgeries which have devastated me & taken my quality of life away. Sam here @Rockyriverhemp took the time to work with me & figure out what product best suited my situation. I’m Hopeful again, making plans to ride my horse in the snow this weekend & I want to encourage anyone that is suffering, please don’t give up! Find what product here works best for you. We are all different!

    • Samuel

      Thank you for sharing your story! It’s so true, it’s not one size fits all, but there can be real relief to be found, and we’re so happy you’re finding it!!!


  9. Lisa Hall

    Your review *

  10. Chelsi C.

    I take CBD to help with my sleep and to reduce anxiety. Rocky River Hemp is the best. And I LOVE that I know the people who grow it! Great people, awesome product!

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