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The power of CBD for pets, these yummy bite size chill out CBD dog treats are a perfect relaxation, pain relief, and anxiety aid for pets.

Our Chill Out for Dogs feature Full Spectrum CBD to help older doggies with their aging joints, helping to keep them active and preventing future damage and are also very effective for calming our best friends during thunder storms and celebrations of freedom.

We love seeing an older dog start running around like a puppy after one of these Chill Out Dog CBD treats, the pain relief takes years off their attitudes!

We are not veterinarians, we have just our own anecdotal evidence and The American Kennel Club.  Our farm dog Tractor the German Shepard mutt loves these CBD chill out chews, and we have tasted them as well (some of us more than once).  Please note that your dog may react differently than our Tractor to our Full Spectrum CBD Dog Treats as he is a 100+ pound bundle of muscle.  If you have a small dog, break the treat in half for the first use to gauge the reaction to this chill out CBD for dogs.

Chill Dog Chews Contain: Rolled Oats, Peanut Butter, Banana, Rocky River Hemp CBD Oil, and Coconut Oil.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Full Spectrum CBD products are illegal in Idaho, South Dakota, and Mississippi. We cannot sell or ship Full Spectrum Hemp-derived CBD products in these three states at this time.

Our products are NC-grown and NC tested CBD! View our test results and licenses here.

4 reviews for Chill Out Dog Treats

  1. Elizabeth Scott

    These dog treats are awesome! The dogs love them. They actually sit when they see the bag. I love that they are all natural and good for them too. We’ve tried a variety of different product and this is by far the best. My one dog has major arthritis issues and the other freaks out when there are fireworks or loud noises. This calms them down and the boy, he seems to be in less pain from the arthritis.

    • Sam

      Thank you Elizabeth and we are so happy they help your doggies!!!

  2. Emily Batchelder (verified owner)

    Buy these treats! They. Really. Work. Really. I cannot say enough awesome things about them! I have a 5yo 65lb pitbull who came to me as a feral stray and has always been a bit of a spazz in certain situations (that’s actually him at Pittsboro farmer’s market the in the photo!). Believe me, we’ve tried *every* calming supplement on the market including lots of CBD (which helped in the past as a daily supplement, but wasn’t something I could administer as a one off in a sudden, stressful situation). We also live in the heart of New Orleans (like minutes from the French Quarter) and have literally every loud, scary doggie-anxiety inducing thing you can imagine — hurricanes, trains, parades, brass bands, confetti cannons, fireworks, crowds, sirens, giant mules pulling carriages, people walking on stilts blowing fire — I kid you not. On top of that, my poor dog also has anxiety on long car trips and in new settings (which makes last-min, long-haul hurricane evacuation road trips and hotels so much fun). THESE TREATS ARE GAME CHANGERS! They really work to take the edge off of whatever external scary thing is cramping our style without making him dopey or lethargic. I’ve stopped refilling his actual Xanax prescription (obvi discuss with your vet) because these are so much more effective and I really appreciate having flexibility with dosing and timing. He also LOVES them! He’s one of those dogs who will eat the Pill Pocket (or cheese) and leave the pill and sometimes won’t eat anything when he’s stressed, but he always takes these! We spend a lot of time outdoors and people constantly remark at how calm and unfazed he is by all the crazy in the neighborhood. I’m just happy that he is 🙂 On top of that, awesome customer service and fast shipping. Thank you for helping my best boy get back to chillin’ in the Big Easy!

    • Samuel

      That’s awesome Emily!!! We’re so happy they help! Have a beignet for us!

  3. Danielle

    Love this product. Helps my dogs anxiety. Highly recommend

    • Rick Brownfield

      Hi Danielle,
      Thanks for the nice review! We are glad that the treats help your dog. Rick

  4. Linda Reyes (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness…these are AMAZING? I have 3 dogs 17 two 10…all 3 have serious Congestive Heart Failure…on meds…and this product has really made a difference… they rest better and no joint pain?it’s awesome THANK YOU❣️

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