What it’s Like to Start Using CBD (Grandma Edition)

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An account from GG about her first time using high strength cbd oil for pain relief.

I’m a grandmother and a retired artist. I’ve been misdiagnosed with Lyme disease and Multiple Sclerosis, which prompted over two decades of holistic and natural healthcare experiences including acupuncture, herbal remedies, diet changes, alternative medicine… So, with no prior research or CBD experimentation, my assumption was to begin using Rocky River Hemp’s high strength hemp oil like the other Earth-derived remedies I’ve tried – one full eye dropper under the tongue once daily with nothing to eat or drink before or after. Simple enough.

When the mysteriously unfamiliar feeling of “well being” settled in by Day 3, I decided to seek direction. Lo and behold, I should have started with a single drop of Rocky River Hemp CBD oil and NOT a full dropper!

Ooops! Can we OD on CBD? Of course not.

(A note from Rocky River Hemp: You can view our suggested dosage information in this blog post – How Much CBD Should I Take?)

By Day 5 – With the dosage cut back to just a few drops daily – I was amazed when after two hours on the phone with my best friend of 40 years, my hands did not go cold, numb, and painful – which is what ordinarily happens after only a few minutes of holding up the phone to my ear. Gripping the steering wheel, I’ve noticed, isn’t as painful and… my hip! Oh! My hip isn’t hurting so badly that I can’t do the physical therapy exercises to prevent further damage – and that’s so important!

… and more affordable than the other holistic solutions I’ve tried!

Our high strength CBD oil!

I don’t expect to move furniture or dig holes like I used to but I would certainly love to ride the stationary bike without pain and regain enough bending and hand strength to weed the garden. Acupuncture is amazing, unfortunately, most insurances don’t cover the cost and, while food and gas prices continue to rise, $95 per treatment became impossible since weekly treatments are necessary to truly heal. Rocky River Hemp’s high strength hemp oil is HALF the cost of a single acupuncture treatment and the 2 oz. bottle has lasted well over a month – even with my accidental dosing confusion in the first few days. That’s a real bargain!

Three weeks into this CBD experiment, with my wide array of chronic health issues that will only worsen with age, I’ve settled on about a half dropper full of full spectrum hemp oil twice a day. I’ve found doing the things I love to be easier – including drawing, painting, gardening, and of course, staying connected with my friends and family on the phone. Rest assured, I will remain a Rocky River Hemper for the rest of my days! I look forward to trying the hemp cbd pain relief salve next!

Thank you, Rocky River, for creating such a high quality and holistic high strength CBD oil.

As an experienced alternative medicine consumer (and someone who cares about buying quality products from a veteran owned CBD oil company), I won’t waste my time trying any other brand!

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