Back to Work on our Hemp Farm NC

Organic Hemp Harvest on our NC Hemp Farm
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As everyone gets into the start of the new year, I just wanted to share what we’re up to here at our hemp farm in NC.

Our single mother plant that we saved from last years crop is about to be cloned for our first round of mother plants for this years outdoors crop, which is super exciting. 

To insure the best quality hemp gummies and highest CBD and legal Delta 9 THC potency we do our main outdoor hemp crop exclusively from clones, which we make all ourselves from previous years plants.

At the same time we’ll be building our greenhouse so when the new little clones have roots and are ready to grow into mother plants, they’ll have a nice home in our NC soil and be protected from frost and pests.  There they will be fed exclusively OMRI Listed, organic nutrients so they grow happy and strong.

We’ll tend these mother plants until early May, making another round of mother plants along the way until we end up with about 200 plants in the greenhouse on our hemp farm, NC, and then we will do our big cloning round, which once rooted, becomes our outdoor hemp cannabis crop for 2023.

Where to buy delta 9 in NC - our hemp farm!

Still wild to think that the whole fields worth of hemp CBD flower we’ll be looking at come September (and the tons of hemp gummies we make with it) comes from just one plant.

So even as 2022’s organic hemp is just finishing up it’s curing and processing and getting ready to become handmade hemp goods, we’re on to organically growing next years plants to keep providing ya’ll with the cleanest, simplest and most effective CBD and THC hemp gummies, chill out dog treats, and and luxurious hemp body care available in North Carolina – or even in the whole of the the USA.

As you probably know you can follow along on Instagram and Facebook (@rockyriverhemp) and if there’s anything we can do better, I am always all ears!

Stay safe and have a great week,


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