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Our newest and strongest product, the Ultra Chill Out Gummies can do wonders for those who need a strong dose to help them sleep through the night or deal with serious pain.

They are based on the same full spectrum hemp oil, made from our own hemp grown on our farm like the rest of our products, with the addition of a bit of hemp derived ∆9. You get all the benefits of our full spectrum cannabinoids, organically grown under the NC sun, plus a new, unmatched potency.

Our gummies are all handmade, with simple pronounceable ingredients, and no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors.  Because of this, we recommend keeping them in the refrigerator if you will not be using all of them within a couple weeks.
Because the ∆9 we use is hemp derived, and because the gummy has .3% ∆9, they are Federally Legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, and are only illegal in states that have banned hemp and CBD products.
Please remember they are very strong, and start small.  You can always take more.  As the warning label says, these are not for sale to anyone under 21, and do not operate a motor vehicle or machinery after taking these.  We suggest starting with cutting one in half, and working up to where you are getting the needed wellness benefits.  Keep out of reach of children.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Full Spectrum CBD products are illegal in Idaho, South Dakota, and Mississippi. We cannot sell or ship Full Spectrum Hemp-derived CBD products in these three states at this time.

NC Grown Hemp / CBD

Grown, processed, and bottled CBD in Eastern NC.

Handcrafted CBD

Made by hand in small batches for quality control.


We farm our land using sustainable hemp farming practices.

Our products are NC-grown and NC tested CBD! View our test results and licenses here.

5 reviews for Ultra Chill Gummies


    These are very chill. Going to be my new go-to.

  2. dothersykesiv (verified owner)



    EXCELLENT. Tastes good, and very pleasantly intense.
    Thanks Sam.

  4. Sandy Wray (verified owner)

    Amazing! Love the stronger gummie! Lives up to the name! Great flavor, fast and your relaxed feeling will last.

  5. Corey Eshelman (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Great flavor, fast acting, and strong!!

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