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Federal Legalization News

So the news this week from Washington on the cannabis front is that Biden pardoned a bunch of federal marijuana (I hate that term but that’s what they use) charges.  That’s cool, and it clears the record of several thousand Americans, but currently there are actually no people in Federal custody for Cannabis offenses.  So […]

Farm Grown CBD Harvest

It’s an exciting time around the CBD farm near Pittsboro, when all the tending and caring pays off with a bountiful farm grown CBD cannabis harvest!  We’ve got our first harvest round of the year drying in our barns, and soon we will cut and hang the rest of the flowers (I wish blogs were […]

Ultra CBD Gummies: How much should I take?

Starting with our ultra CBD gummies, combination THC and CBD gummies, and our CBD oils, it can be pretty confusing with all the numbers and definitions being thrown around, so let me clear some things up!  CBD, Cannabidiol, is non psychoactive, and one of nature’s best anti-inflammatory substances. CBD by itself however, has been proven in […]

Why Organic CBD and Hemp Matter

We have found, in our years of growing this amazing cannabis plant, that not only does growing organic CBD/organic hemp help the environment by eliminating synthetic fertilizer run off, but it actually makes for a more potent product!  Our first two years of growing we used conventional fertilizers, and saw CBD percentages in our processed […]

Why our veteran owned CBD company is so Special?

What makes Rocky River Hemp veteran grown hemp special and why does being a veteran owned CBD company matter? To explain why our veteran owned CBD company is so special, we have to go back a bit… ‘Terroir (/tɛˈrwɑːr/, French: [tɛʁwaʁ]; from terre, “land”) is a French term used to describe the environmental factors that […]

Why is cannabis legalization SO BAD?

You’d think, as hemp growers and believers in the power of the cannabis plant to help – so much so that we’ve made THC gummies legal by using Delta 9 THC that’s legal in NC – we’d be in favor of any movement towards legalization anywhere.  When we heard about North Carolina SB 711, we […]